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Submission deadline :
October 21, 2020
Preregistration is required until
October 8, 2020

We believe we do not need to choose between economic performance, welfare and climate protection.

We are, however, facing a challenge to satisfy the world’s energy needs with solutions which are reliable, safe in all respects and generate low emissions, while it is also indispensable to significantly reduce the risks of climate change.

Over the next two decades, world population is expected to increase by 30 percent to 9 billion, with more and more people joining the middle class, which means that demand for the accessories of a convenient lifestyle is likely to increase. (The demand for energy, for example, will increase by 25%, according to calculations.)

At the same time, the satisfaction of this need cannot impede the attainment of our climate protection goals.
Creative thinking, widespread research, active R&D and outstanding innovation are required to achieve the desired outcome.

“ExxonMobil is working with more than 80 universities around the world. We support fundamental research aimed at creating and disseminating low-emission technologies.”

Darren W. Woods

Chairman and CEO, ExxonMobil

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Dual challenge

More energy,
with lower emissions.

Nowadays, a significant part of world population does not have access to sufficient energy, whereas access to energy improves the quality of life for communities, helps fight poverty and contributes to enhancing the quality of education.

It can improve the lives of millions of people, but it increases demand for energy-consuming home appliances, electricity, logistics services and freight forwarding. The challenge is to satisfy this growing need, whilst reducing the risks of climate change. This dual challenge will impact all national economy, energy security and environmental protection objectives.

ExxonMobil’s mission is to fulfill this dual challenge. We are committed to providing the energy necessary for a better quality of life for as many people as possible, whilst reducing the risks of climate change and the emissions of energy production at the same time.

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ExxonMobil is therefore launching a competition for students and researchers, in the area of traditional and renewable energy and responsible energy consumption. We need to use our available resources more efficiently and to find clever combinations of traditional and renewable energy sources. In addition to growing needs, going forward all clean forms of energy will be indispensable in order to achieve our climate protection goals, in the spirit of sustainability.

Competition process:

Submission of application:

Technological innovation

We are looking for market-driven and product-focused pilot projects, R&D initiatives which identify innovative solutions in the area of responsible energy consumption, energy efficiency or dual energy use.

Social innovation

We are looking for programs and/or project proposals, by raising awareness or knowledge society or decision-makers.

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Entry is subject to registration, by October 8, 2020.
View the call for competition here: https://thedualchallenge.com/en/application/

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Send us a mini-study, short film, presentation or project description in English or Hungarian language. Length: 5-7 minutes, 10-12 slides or 5-7 typed pages. If you would like to attach a video to your application, please upload it to Youtube first and only include the link in your application. Submissions can be uploaded here. You can apply individually or in small groups (teams of 2-3).


October 21, 2020

Mandatory content elements:


  • project objectives
  • the project’s answer to the challenges
  • description of the project’s financial value
  • practical applicability
  • the professional background of the team
“Young people’s ideas provide a fresh perspective and inspiration for all tech companies. We’re excited for young people studying in higher education to partner with ExxonMobil and use their talent to fulfil climate protection goals.
By providing an opportunity to present the best ideas, we are also creating responsible dialog about energy consumption and climate protection – thus contributing to a better world.”
Jeroen Kirschbaum

Managing Director, ExxonMobil Hungary









Main prize:

A 4-day study trip to the ExxonMobil Technology Center in Brussels.

Find out about exciting, never-before-seen developments, firsthand!  The expenses will be covered by ExxonMobil, the students and their mentor will be shown around the research facility, normally closed to visitors, by an ExxonMobil expert, showcasing current research and development in the energy and the chemicals industry. They can also participate in international programs in ExxonMobil’s regional headquarters for Europe, with the participation of executives.

Other prizes:

Professional mentoring in the headquarters of ExxonMobil Hungary, with additional training and career opportunities.

Note: The announcer reserves the right to change rewards if circumstances pose obstacles to their travelling execution. (e.g. COVID safety restrictions)


The chief patron of the innovation competition:

Tibor Gulyás

Deputy Undersecretary of State for Innovation, Ministry for Innovation and Technology

Chairman of the Jury:

István Szabó

Vice President for Science and International Affairs, National Research, Development and Innovation Office (NFKIH)

Selection panel:

Jeroen Kirschbaum

Managing Director, ExxonMobil Hungary

Luc Martens

Senior Scientific Advisor, ExxonMobil Technology Center, Brussels

László Szabó

Director, Regional Center for Energy Policy Research

Ákos Dervalics

CEO, InnoEnergy HUB Hungary